The Daily Record’s Glee At Celtic “Losing Their Record” Is Frankly Disgusting.

Image for The Daily Record’s Glee At Celtic “Losing Their Record” Is Frankly Disgusting.

The Daily Record is at its worst today in gleefully reporting how Red Star Belgrade is on the brink of snatching our world points record for a single league campaign.

They forget that this isn’t just Celtic’s record, it’s a record held by a club in Scotland, and that makes their delight at the prospect hard to stomach and offensive to all football fans in the country.

This is the paper that frequently urges our best players to leave “for their own good” and never mind that every one of those guys is a loss to our league. This is the newspaper that goes out of its way to find representatives of our European opponents almost every year, to talk about how good their teams are and how we’re in for a torrid time.

The Daily Record never loses a chance to have a kick at us, even if in doing so it talks down the rest of the game and accomplishments the whole country should take some pride in.

A Scottish club holding the world points record doesn’t reflect badly on our league, it’s a mark of excellence and achievement by an individual team.

Yet they cannot wait to see it trashed.

Whenever I wonder if I’m overly harsh on that paper I try to imagine similar coverage being given to a team in England by the media down there, and the truth is it never happens.

Their media is capable of being objective even when the writers have clear preferences. Everything up here is badly skewed by the inability of certain journalists to do the same.

This might seem like a minor matter to some people; indeed, it probably is.

But it’s another example of how our club is relentlessly picked away by some of the folk in the media.

They cannot wait to find a negative Celtic story, and the indecent haste with which they publish them, and the evident relish in some of the writing, is infuriating.

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