The Guilty Men At Celtic: John Kennedy

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“It’s a hard rain’s a-gonna fall …” – Bob Dylan.

Of all the things that have come out of this campaign, one of the least surprising has been the bursting of the John Kennedy hype bubble.

For years we’ve heard how highly rated he is inside Celtic Park in spite of none of us knowing exactly why.

We assumed he was Lawwell’s placeman.

We have seen nothing in the last few weeks to change that view.

Let’s be honest here; John Kennedy is a very nice guy and he handles the press deftly and well.

Sadly those things do not make him a top class coach or football boss.

It doesn’t help either that he’s been lumbered with a colleague who appears to have been brought to Celtic Park on account of his second name. Time will tell if the new boss retains either man.

Kennedy was furnished with a great opportunity by Celtic.

When Lennon departed there were enough games still to play – including a Scottish Cup run to complete – which could have made Kennedy a genuine “one to watch” at another club.

He never stood a chance of landing the permanent gig at Parkhead because the fans wouldn’t have worn it, but he could have solidified his reputation in the eyes of people elsewhere and he hasn’t.

He has led the coaching team that for months beyond counting couldn’t get our players fit.

Whatever happens on the training pitch, he appears not to have done significant work on positioning because we still lose dreadful goals from set plays.

Kennedy is an example of the raging mediocrity we’ve allowed to dominate the football department.

This year has been a disastrous shattering of the illusion that he is more than a middling option.

As good a man as he might be, we cannot carry anyone as we go forward.

We cannot afford passengers or friends of the man … we have to start getting real here.

Middling options will not do.

Kennedy is part of the problem and as such there is no way that he can possibly be part of the solution.

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