The Incident At Ibrox Involving Celtic’s Captain Is A Reminder Of What They Are.

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Unless you’ve been offline all day you will certainly have heard that following the last match at Ibrox that our captain was subjected to some pretty reprehensible treatment by an Ibrox official. The club has not made a big deal out of this, and for once I understand why. People who want to beat them up over this should ask themselves a couple of questions.

First, who are we going to complain to?

Ibrox? Ha! It was one of their people, and they’ve done worse. We’d have got sneering contempt for our trouble so it wasn’t worth the effort. The SFA? Even if this comment had been sectarian, the SFA has little interest in pursuing those matters as we’re all well aware. The police? Too busy giving a hug to Ibrox fans preparing illegal gatherings.

Secondly, if our club had done that, in the aftermath of the game, a lot of people would have called it an attempted deflection from the result, and I’d suggest Ibrox’s press office would have been leading the line all the way. The media certainly would have gone along with that.

Finally, this is a story about them and their scummy behaviour.

It’s a story about how they are just as incapable of dignity in victory as they are in taking defeat with good grace.

Indeed, for all the spite and venom they spew at the world when they lose I think they are even more repellent when they win and all the “We Arra Peepul” garbage is getting thrown about with aplomb.

What Peepul they are too; half a brain cell between them, they couldn’t save their last club when it was circling the drain and they can’t see the innumerable problems they are already storing up in this iteration.

These people are not the foundations of a new Master Race.

Mensa is not missing out when it fails to set up information centres in Larkhall.

And that’s just the fans.

This is the club who hired a former Ulster Loyalist to do their public relations.

I actually laugh at myself for writing it like that; once an Ulster Loyalist you are surely always an Ulster Loyalist, even when you’ve become just a drug dealing gangster shooting at your own neighbours.

Let’s face it, if you’ve got a 17th century mentality in the 21st century that’s probably not something that’s you can take off and put on like a pair of shoes.

Am I suggesting he was the one who accosted Brown in the tunnel to insult him?

Honestly, it could have been any one of them, from the boardroom to the guy who washes the kits. We all know this, because to work at Ibrox takes a certain mentality.

If you don’t have it when you move in, you sure as Hell do by the time you leave.

Or you leave because you don’t like it and don’t want it.

Those who stay and get sucked in, or who go to work there because they are already true believers, are beyond help. The whole point of them winning is to lord it over the rest of us; there is no savouring victory for its own sake, only for what it means to other people and this is true for those at the bottom of the club as it is for those at the top of it.

There was a time when Ibrox preened and postured and talked of dignity. Now they wallow in victimhood and vendetta and show themselves to be small-minded and petty tyrants in their own minds. They were ugly when they followed Rangers; they are uglier now they follow its zombified corpse club. They never learned humility from what happened at Ibrox before; instead they became even more warped and convinced of their own greatness.

But it’s not a sign of greatness to embrace the worst emotions. It doesn’t make you special to lord it over a beaten opponent, it makes a you a classless piece of shit and if you’re allegedly part of the upper crust at a club it makes the whole place reek.

There is literally nothing I can write to heap more shame on this club than those inside have already done, over and over again, but they don’t feel shame in any way, shape or form. Trash like them never do. They are impossible to embarrass because they are stupid and arrogant and that combination never comes over well in anybody.

What the Brown incident does do is shine another light on the incidence of sectarianism and anti-Irish racism which occurred the St Johnstone cup quarter final.

Both of those examples involve people at the very top level of their operation … and that tells you what the club itself is built on.

The media would rather pretend there’s no correlation between these things, or the arrogance of their fans in announcing beforehand that they intend to break the law.

It’s there in their directors lying to the media about the SFA and the colts teams.

It’s there in the way they endlessly promote 55 as if they are trying to convince themselves more than the rest of the world.

It’s there in how they pretend to be financially solvent.

This is a club which respects nothing and which values only its own self-aggrandisement.

It is a club of bigots and other vile people.

The media doesn’t want to say it so I’ll say; the incident with Brown comes from the same mentality as the incident with the St Johnstone goalkeeper and it proves that Ian Archer’s comments about Rangers are applicable to Sevco.

“A permanent embarrassment, an occasional disgrace” and an institution without which Scotland would be a better place.

No “neutral” can doubt it.

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