The Latest Eddie Howe “Updates” Make Sense Of A Seemingly Senseless Situation.

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Yesterday we got an update – of sorts – on the Eddie Howe situation, and it was one of the most interesting in a whileh

A few months ago, I published a piece based on a suggestion that my old man had made about how this situation might be complicated by a contractual issue involving Howe and Bournemouth, some kind of loyalty clause and bonus structure … yesterday the media reported that this is exactly what the issue is, and that would explain a few things.

It would explain, for example, why Celtic has been prepared to wait. Indeed, it would explain why we’ve had to wait. It would nullify any suggestion that Howe is waiting for another offer; one of those so-called other offers has come up and his camp has moved swiftly to make it clear that he’s firmly, and unequivocally, rejected it.

This is the kind of thing the fans want to hear; it makes it all feel a lot closer.

Bournemouth’s season has to finish first; that could be this week or next, but it no longer appears as if it will matter how it ends. The backroom team is expected to join Howe at Celtic Park come what may; I was always somewhat sceptical of the idea that this would depend on promotion … it’s not the kind of thing Celtic would simply put everything on hold for.

On top of this, if Howe has given the club as close to a cast-iron commitment as he was capable of prior to signing a written deal then it is more than possible that he has, in fact, started the work behind the scenes already.

I asked recently what possible reason could there be for not announcing that; well, a contractual situation between Howe and Bournemouth and which is out of our control is one possible reason. As I said, this doesn’t answer all of our questions but it explains a lot.

This appointment now seems imminent. After the season we’ve have, we may be on the verge of the first piece of really excellent news of the next campaign.

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