This Week, Our Board Can Start Righting The Good Ship Celtic With One Move.

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There are rumours flying today that the new boss will be announced during the week. I’ve stopped believing any of it.

There has been too much of this, and in the absence of actual information I prefer to just ignore it. The one lesson I’m taking from this one is that there are no “in the knows” and even now that seems a smart thing to remember.

I think it’s too much to ask that the club will make a managerial appointment this week, but we should stop messing about on the director of football role and get that one over the line and announced.

We hired top people to conduct this search. We’ve had interviews. For God’s sake, Celtic, decide on a name and get that one signed, sealed and delivered.

Then the real business can get underway.

The first team squad isn’t all we have to rebuild here.

We have an entire football department to put in place and I honestly cannot understand what we’re waiting for in that regard. Everyone will feel much better seeing this kind of sign of life.

Everyone will feel much more confident that the manager will be delivered and it’ll be the kind of name we want.

Signs of life.

That would do so much to raise the morale of the support and, indeed, everyone at the club. John Paul Taylor would not have to field so many questions and the media office would all breathe a great big sigh of relief over it.

Even we, in the blogosphere, would have something majorly positive to write instead of the relentless drone of negativity.

This has been a soul-sapping few months for me as a writer, and I’m certain for all you readers as well. I daresay that every Celtic blogger and podcast feels the same way.

We all crave good news.

We all crave something that shifts the momentum the other way.

This can be the week that changes the whole narrative around the club.

Or it can be like the one just past, and the one before that and the one before that and the one before that.

We need this, all of us, and the club itself needs it too.

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