Who At Celtic Will Show Leadership And Spare Us Further Embarrassment?

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There is so much wrong with the news today that it makes your brain spin. I hear rumours and counter rumours every five minutes.

To be honest, I fear the worst.

I fear we’re on the brink of a divisive, even shattering, low-key appointment which will confirm the darkest suspicions of every supporter; that this club is still locked in the Lawwell-Desmond death grip and that they are determined that even if the CEO isn’t in the role that his replacement will be bound to the decisions he makes in the here and now.

Essentially, Lawwell wants to lock-in major changes so that McKay is forced to continue running the club in the same way that it’s run right now.

The only things that will actually change will be the nameplates on the doors; sure as Hell, when you look at the “calibre” of manager we’re going for you can see clearly the rancid thinking that got us here.

The looming appointment of Ange Postecoglou is a disaster, providing we can get over the issue with the UEFA license which he needs even to manage in the SPL.

A huge section of the fan-base will find such a move wholly unacceptable. Far from unifying the support, this will be like hitting it with a sledgehammer, scattering pieces of it across the landscape.

The results will toxify even those who come in alongside him; Harkin will be seen as one of the architects of the appointment and will pay the price if it fails.

Dominic McKay will too; he must think he has entered the Ninth Circle Of Hell.

It is blatantly obvious that this one is a Lawwell brainwave, but it’s McKay who will have to live with it.

I cannot believe that he is comfortable with that.

I cannot believe that everyone on the board, that our major shareholders, are happy with what is happening.

I cannot believe that they are content to sit and watch as this shambles lurches to its next stage.

This is the time for some of them to step up, right here and right now.

They have outlets through which they can make their feelings known.

They have options, like the threat of resignation.

The question is how much do they care?

Do they care enough to act, finally, here at the point where we’re in a dreadful predicament and on the brink of a bigger one?

Do they really believe that the appointment of some virtual unknown from the other side of the world is going to fly here?

Do they really think they can shoe-horn their nodding dog Kennedy and the other Friends of The Man into senior positions again after this catastrophe of a season without their being dire consequences?

They are creating the Perfect Storm, the conditions for a deeper crisis than this club has been in since the 1990’s.

The fans cannot be the only people who see the writing on the wall, but it’s only those who are actually inside Celtic who can put the brakes on this reckless and dangerous and retrograde appointment, even if means more time wasted.

If there are actual professionals in the building, serious people with a plan, then it’s time they took control of their own destiny instead of leaving it in the hands of those who have dropped us into this monumental mess.

The alternative is that they carry the can for it.

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