A Mediocre End For So Many Mediocre Individuals At Celtic Park.

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A poor display in what’s been a poor campaign.

For two teams with nothing to play for and punters making their Betfred wagers, you might have thought you’d have gotten some actual football this afternoon, but there was little of that on display for us. That was a thoroughly miserable final game, playing with no intensity and no urgency whatsoever, but a fitting epitaph for the whole of the season and the whole of the club right now.

No intensity and no urgency whatsoever. Sums the place up.

John Kennedy did himself no favours with the team selection, with the tactics and with the substitutions.

Any club watching him and looking for a manager, I advise that they look elsewhere and don’t waste their time as his brief, disastrous, tenure has wasted so much of ours. The bubble has burst for him, and his fan club in our boardroom have demonstrated again that they don’t know the least thing about the sport they work in if they still rate this guy.

Continuity? Get him out the door with the rest of his coaching team. This whole thing needs ripping up and starting again, and frankly the lot of us are sick to the back teeth of him and everything he represents; our club’s horrific embrace of mediocrity.

Too much of it has been allowed to fester at Celtic Park, and with the end of this shameful campaign I hope never to see such a fall in standards being tolerated at our club again. Not one person involved in overseeing this shambles deserves to keep their role and those hanging on are doing so like leeches, bringing no benefit, sucking the life blood out of the club.

It’s 15 May. We have no director of football. We have no manager. We have no signs of life on the horizon. We have a CEO going through the motions even as he still collects a wage. We have an absentee chairman and majority shareholder and the club is about to ask the fans for money. It’s like a bad joke, all of it, and there’s no end in sight.

But the football questions have all been answered now; shame on the lot of them.

Here are the final ratings for the last game.

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