The Looming Rebuilding Job At Celtic: The Final Update

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Much of what you are about to read, I posted in February.

This is the second or third time I’ve updated as our problems have grown.

The size of the job has only gotten bigger.

And it was massive enough when I first posted the piece.

When I first put this piece together, we had more time. We’re three months on from it; every single one of those days has been wasted, and we’re no nearer to sorting even one bit of this out.

Some of these sections are being updated – and the article itself rebooted – because the scale of this hasn’t yet sunk in for some people.

It is enormous.

If Eddie Howe is the new boss, as seems likely, this is what he’s going to have greet him on the very first day; a task bigger than any previous Celtic boss has ever had to face.

Now, it is possible that the appointment itself is enough to convince certain people to stay who’ve wanted to go. He might be able to find qualities in others which aren’t readily apparent … but still, this is no small task.

Howe won’t be expected to do all of this on his own … that’s what we will have a director of football for, but the really big decisions are ones that he’ll have to make himself … this job really is going to fall to him, in all its gory glory.

If you’ve read this already, you might see the points along the way where the job has gotten harder.

I personally do not remember us ever having such a mammoth job in front of us in one summer.

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