The Five Way Agreement And Lawwell’s Trust Issue With The Celtic Fans.

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In spite of this blog having written about it many times, there are still lots of people in our support who do not properly understand the Five Way Agreement or the issues that arise from it.

I understand that, because it’s a complex matter and appears to have no relevance to what we do on the pitch.

There are those amongst the Celtic support who are blissfully unaware of how things stand in Scottish football.

There are those amongst our support who would happily, gladly, live the rest of their lives without exploring any aspect of how the game is governed. They think any focus on anything but Celtic is stupid.

They are the most likely to squeal “obsessed” at you when you mention Sevco.

Those who don’t understand why this stuff is important … it used to be that there was nothing I could say that would convince them that it is. There was a time when I couldn’t explain why it’s important to keep on pushing these issues and why we have to keep the pressure on and why some of us will never quit until the job is done.

At the centre of all of this is one rancid document.

We know it as the Five Way Agreement.

The reason it’s so important right now is that it is inextricably linked to our outgoing CEO Peter Lawwell.

This is the reason a section of our fan-base will never trust a word he says again.

Before I explain what the man is alleged to have done in relation to the Five Way Agreement I need to explain what it is.

The document that birthed the Survival Lie is the Five Way Agreement.

Without it, there would be no club calling itself Rangers. A team wearing their colours and playing out of Ibrox would almost certainly exist and it probably would be part of the league set-up, but it would not have the history or the name.

And it would not be able to prevent justice being done on the OldCo.

This article will take a look at the Five Way Agreement and those who signed it.

And it will pose the killer questions that Scottish football needs answers to.

Above all else, it will explain why Peter Lawwell has the biggest questions of all to answer … and it will explain why the answer he’s already given has seen many of our fans brand him a liar … a devastating charge which appears to be supported by the facts.

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