Moonhowling Ibrox Fan Petition Gets Free Publicity From National Newspapers.

Image for Moonhowling Ibrox Fan Petition Gets Free Publicity From National Newspapers.

I marvel at the Sevconuts at times, I really do.

Someone said to me the other day that “If they didn’t exist we’d have to invent them.”

I understand the sentiment, because they good for a laugh and for reminding us at times what thick really looks like, but really, though, we wouldn’t invent them because eventually they’d just make us as sick as they do at the moment.

Tonight the national media is promoting their latest outpouring of hatred; they are the SNP’s Hamza Yousef and they are fighting for signatures on a petition demanding his resignation.

Now, before we start here it’s worth pointing out that this campaign was originally demanding his resignation as Justice Minister. Many of them still are, although he no longer holds that position, having been promoted in the SNP Government’s latest reshuffle.

Not to be outdone, they have changed tack and are now demanding that he resign his seat and his position in the Parliament entirely. And what’s his supposed ?

Well according to this badly worded and quite ludicrous petition, he has “(used) lies or fake videos to smear demographics of society that disagree with his and his partys political position.”

I have posted that “as is “and have no interest in correcting their deplorable spelling or grammar. Better to show them up.

The media is giving this credence, although Yousef didn’t actually do any of what he’s accused of and even the most basic examination of his remarks reveals that. The allegation against him is entirely fictitious … which is exactly what the creator of this petition and every single person who signs is pissed at him for in the first place.

It takes both a brass neck and a lack of basic intelligence to twist someone’s words to manufacture a charge that they lied and then demand that they resign from public life over your own invention. It is one thing for the writer of that petition and the goons who signed it to overlook that fact – none of them is being missed by NASA, let’s face it – but why are national newspapers giving this credence instead of ignoring it as entirely bat-shit?

Let me put it once again in simple terms; the petition is demanding that he resign over something he hasn’t actually done, so it is loopy, it is barmy, it is bonkers, it is lunacy, it is madness, it is stupidity … but it certainly is not newsworthy.

It is like me starting a petition that says Boris Johnson should be removed from office because he smothered a cat in its sleep. It might be fun to do it, and people might actually sign it, but it doesn’t connect to anything that happened in the real world.

So what’s The Record’s agenda here?

To put pressure on the guy? To do what? Quit over made-up ? Does anyone think he’s going to walk into Nicola Sturgeon’s office on Monday and say “I’ve considered my position over the weekend, at the urging of Chris Graham and Mark Dingwall, and I think I’m going to have to go …”? No, that’s not going to happen.

So where’s the “news” value in this? All it does is advertise a piece of arrant nonsense and encourage more Peepul to sign in thinking that it has some real-world impact.

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