Stupid, Selfish Peepul.

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There no words. Not really. Well, actually, there are but they aren’t words I would usually write on this blog although I do fling them about with abandon on social media.

When you watch the scenes from George Square it makes you shake your head, and there is a temptation to just move on from it, a temptation not to make too big a deal of it all … but that temptation should be crushed underfoot.

It’s the the police, our media and our politicians have taken and it’s entirely the wrong one.

Yesterday, the Scottish named the Indian Variant a cause for concern.

This city was placed under an additional week of lockdown.

Police Scotland had fair warning about what was coming today – since it was freely advertised online and by some segments of the press – and ought to have prevented it. But that was never on the cards.

The irresponsible, self-centred Peepul wanted their party and they were going to be allowed to have one, even if we’d been in Level 5 with the vaccines rendered useless by something much worse than the bug which is sweeping the country right now.

Let’s not kid ourselves on here, these arrogant arseholes have never believed that the rules apply to them and as nobody has ever pushed them towards respect for those rules they never will.

The moment I read Police Scotland’s pitiful statement in midweek I knew that the George Square “event” was going to go ahead and that all the lockdown regulations in the world wouldn’t stop it.

But for a brief moment last night, on hearing that the new variant is in Scotland, and seeing that the takes it seriously enough to hold off on the changes to the planned transition back to normality, by keeping Glasgow in Level 3, I believed that perhaps sanity would prevail and that Police Scotland’s response would be robust, that our media would stop promoting this as a harmless gathering of people who “have waited so long for this” and that our government agencies would take the necessary steps towards control and containment.

Two postcodes in this city undergoing mass testing, neither of them terribly far away from George Square.

Those scenes in the city centre aren’t even reckless, they scandalous.

Yet it never dawned on me, even for one second, that the Peepul might relent and not go through with this.

Those self-regarding bastards were never going to give up their chance to serande each other with their sectarian bile.

They have no concerns about jeopardising themselves, their families, their friends and their neighbours.

I have not got the slightest doubt in my mind that people will die as a result of what’s happened today and that it will have profound consequences for this city.

We’re facing a variant that could be 50% more transmissible than the Kent version which plunged us back into lockdown … and Police Scotland, our and the media decided that the Peepul should have their party anyway.

Those scenes – now being shown live on Sky News, to the whole of an incredulous nation – disgusting.

They make a mockery of the people who have shielded and looked after themselves and put their lives on hold only to watch this unfold.

Every person who attended this, encouraged it and who was in a position of and failed to prevent it ought to hang their heads in shame; what happens next in this city is entirely on you.

Your cowardice and complicity has almost certainly put blood on your hands.

But hey, Stevie G and all that.

Even by the of these stupid, selfish Peepul this is beyond belief.

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