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The SFA Has Called Stewart Robertson A Liar And We’re Still Clinging To His Coat-Tails.

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Rod Petrie has tonight issued a statement blasting Stewart Robertson for his statement yesterday where he rounded on the SFA over this lunatic colt’s proposal.

Petrie’s response tonight is absolutely scathing, stating that it seeks to correct a number of “inaccuracies” in what the Ibrox CEO told the media yesterday, and which they lapped up with Pavlovian relish.

The President of the SFA has, in effect, called the chief executive at Sevco a liar.

Which, let’s be honest, wouldn’t be the first time recent years that’s happened.

Whatever Ibrox is up to this time, the SFA isn’t sitting back for it and the stupid thing is that we’ve tied ourselves to their coat-tails over this proposal and all the fall-out that goes with it.

How many times do we need to be warned about following them in anything?

How many times do we need to be warned that they are unprofessional, arrogant and even quite mad? Do we really need to learn that the hard way, over and over again?

At least one tabloid has already sought to drag us into this dispute, although it’s between Hampden and Ibrox, because this is viewed as an “Old Firm proposal.”

Once again, their sins become ours, their stupidity and lack of standards reflects badly on us and in many ways its fitting that it does because in a season of bad decisions we ought not to be surprised that we’re making more, in other areas, such as in this one.

Amongst the ghastly optics here is Petrie having to spell out that this was a “Rangers-Celtic” proposal, which adds to the impression of Old Firm Inc. hard at work even as we publicly deny that any such thing exists.

This is another mess of our own making, another shambles which could, and should, have been avoided.

We know full well that in order to get colt teams or anything like it into the setup that we have to work with a cross-party group of clubs, and instead of doing that and coming up with something for the greater good of the game we climbed into Ibrox’s bed and presented a joint proposal which looks like it benefits only two, which guarantees rejection and defeat.

And on top of that, the risk of something like this – Ibrox wanting to turn it into a pissing contest for no reason at all – was forever obvious, and yet somehow we failed to see that.

Honest to God, I despair of these people. It just conveys again the impression that there are people at Parkhead you wouldn’t want running a raffle.

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