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Desperate Ibrox Bloggers Show Just How Little Fun Their “Triumph” Has Been.

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I was sent a truly desperate article from Vital Rangers today; my good friend Paddy Sinat runs the Celtic version of the site (and he does it very well indeed) and so lately people have been sending me their “rival” publication.

The two could not be more different.

One is written with intelligence and wit and the other is written by Sevconuts.

The article I was sent from there today is honestly pitiful; it’s a snark at Neil Lennon because of a throwaway jokey comment he made to the media back in April 2019 about wanting to win 15 in a row.

Why are they bringing this up now? Who knows?

But Mark Dingwall, the idiot who runs Follow Follow, tweeted the article today and the jokers at Vital Rangers decided to do a piece on it.

Simple pleasures for simple minds and all that, yeah? I mean who else is dredging up two-year-old quotes for something to snigger about except utter simpletons?

Aside from revealing their stupidity, this article continues down a theme I’ve been on for a long time now; the total lack of pleasure they have taken in their title win for its own sake.

To them this is entirely about how others feel about it.

They believe that this has “broken” us; that’s one of their favourite delusions.

The truth is, most of our fans were angriest in November last year when we realised that this season was gone in all but name.

Since then the attention has mostly been focussed on our own club; only our outrage over the way they chose to celebrate their win has generated other headlines.

They haven’t enjoyed this.

It may sound insane to say that, but look at their behaviour.

They hate more than ever. They are angrier than they’ve ever been.

The problem with a triumph which is all about lording it over other people is that it’s soon over … and with it nothing but a memory now they don’t know what to do next.

Hence pulling out quotes from yesteryear. They really are sad.

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