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Police Scotland Offer To Be Health And Safety Stewards For Illegal Ibrox March.

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You could not make this up guys and gals.

Police Scotland has responded to the story which appeared in the papers today involving the Union Bears and their planned march from Ibrox to George Square. Police Scotland “reminded” people of their responsibilities – as though we were dealing here with people who have any interest in being responsible – and urged them not to attend.

But none of that matters because Police Scotland didn’t declare the march itself illegal – which it is – or an outrage or say they would clamp down on it and prevent it from going ahead; no, instead Police Scotland has offered its services as health and safety stewards to make sure that the illegal procession gets to George Square safely.

I just wonder if this is a service available to all criminals.

I mean, if you’re doing a bank job should you advertise it beforehand?

The police can keep the peek for you as lookouts, or act as doormen for you to stop civilians walking in on the crime. Or perhaps they’ll offer to shut some roads and make sure your escape proceeds unimpeded?

Do not break the law, but if you do we’ll help you do it in safety.

Police Scotland should have made it clear that this simply can’t happen, that it won’t be allowed to happen.

The best way to keep people safe is to uphold the law here; stop these people from gathering and make sure that the city centre is safe for ordinary people … and for businesses to stay open with appropriate social distancing guidelines being observed.

This is how it works now, eah?

We’re going to remember this the next time the shields come out and the truncheons go up.

Honestly, I am sick and tired of hearing this country get lectured on responsibility when those who’s job it is to uphold the law allow irresponsible rule breaking on a massive scale.

You want to know who rules the streets in this city?

Now you do.

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