Are Celtic Really Going To Accept Postecoglou Giving Us “A Verbal Agreement”?

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Is there a limit to the stupidity of those running Celtic right now, or is there simply no end to it? Sky Sports News says that we have accepted a “verbal agreement” from Postecoglou.

Is that good enough for us?

After what happened with Eddie Howe?

Is it possible that we would set ourselves up for a similar disaster?

What exactly is going on at Celtic at the moment?

Are those running our club acting contrary to our interests and actually trying to sabotage the whole club? Because to have allowed this scenario to develop here, with this guy, after what’s already happened to us is plainly mad.

Our club really has to do a lot better than this.

This deal was mooted a week ago and I cannot believe that he or the club he’s at will be difficult to deal with.

Why isn’t this done already? Work permits and UEFA licenses will be granted in due course; if we have doubts we should pull he offer and move on to someone else. If we don’t close the damned deal, Celtic.

Once again, it seems as if we’re delaying just for the sake of saving a few quid.

Are we really going to hold off from announcing this publicly until the start of next month? Have the people running things at Parkhead become completely unmoored from reality?

The Green Brigade has protested outside Parkhead three days in a row – 101, 102 and 103. How many more protests will they be encouraged to have? How many more days is this going to take?

I don’t agree with this appointment – everyone knows that.

But I agree even less with these endless delays and the impression that nobody at the club cares anymore.

I am slightly more comforted by the idea that he will have his coaching team – or some of it – in place before he formally takes over, but this is still taking way too long for comfort.

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