Celtic Face A Wait Over Postecoglou License As UEFA Confirms He Hasn’t Got One.

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Yesterday, I emailed UEFA for some information, and over the course of the morning they have gotten back to me and given me a definitive answer to my questions.

It’s probably not going to shock people that their emails confirm what myself, Joe McHugh and a handful of others have said, and that their information contradicts some of the media nonsense that was circulating this morning.

Postecoglou does not hold a UEFA Pro License and Celtic will need to undergo a process to get him recognised as our head coach.

According to UEFA, this process is already underway, but that it could take weeks.

Providing that everyone involved in it does their job and gets all the relevant paperwork in to them on time and in a manner that doesn’t’ cause future delays.

My first email to UEFA asked specifically about the Asian licenses and if they are recognised by UEFA.

I also asked what the process was for getting a coach qualified if he didn’t meet the requirements.

UEFA confirms that it does not recognise these badges.

“As there is no official agreement between UEFA and the other confederations regarding the mutual recognition of coaching qualifications, coaches with non-UEFA qualifications applying to work at professional level on UEFA territory will be assessed by a bureau of the UEFA Jira Panel on a case-by-case basis and on request from the respective national association,” was what they said.

So reports this morning that his current badges would automatically qualify him were as erroneous as I suspected they were.

The initial report on this, which Joe and I highlighted, was from an authoritative source in the Australian coaches’ association and so I knew it would be more accurate than some of the stuff emanating from elsewhere and in particular the Scottish press.

When UEFA sent me that confirmatory email I asked them for further clarity; on the length of time it would take to do this and, more specifically, in light of other reports today, whether or not Postecoglou currently holds the necessary qualifications to render all this moot.

Their response puts this to bed once and for all.

“The duration of the whole process depends on the requesting party, meaning if they provide all required documents in due course. The process could take several weeks. With regards to the coach in question, a recognition of competence procedure has been initiated. Mr Postecoglou does not currently hold the UEFA Pro Licence.”

So weeks then.

If everything goes according to plan.

I will not labour the point that we don’t have weeks far less the length of time it would take to sort this out if something goes wrong.

Celtic told the press this morning they are “relaxed” over all this … presumably as “relaxed” as they seem to be at the failure to appoint a director of football.

As “relaxed” as they were over the pursuit of Eddie Howe.

I said this morning, don’t let that comfort you.

Do you feel comforted now?

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