Celtic Cannot Fill This Team With Projects. We Need Experience Right Now.

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Rumours continue to swirl about players we’re interested in.

A lot of them are “project” footballers, those under 23 and who haven’t made their names yet.

There’s a need for these kinds of players which is beyond doubt, and we’ve had a lot of luck with them over the years in terms of developing them and selling them on for a profit.

But we need experience too.

We can’t build this team again on unproven youth.

The move for Wyke might not have excited people, but he’s 28 and we know what we’re getting.

Whilst going for the likes of Erik Sviatchenko might not get the pulse going but he’s an international who we know, who knows the club and who was part of a winning team.

Experience is critical at a club.

We’ve lost Scott Brown, but we’re also losing guys who we know can handle the pressure of title challenges, cup finals and derby games. All the guys we’re losing, whatever else you might say about them, are players who’ve proved themselves.

Their kind of experience needs to be replaced or we’re taking our chances.

This is why the free market has to be scoured to see who’s available and who might want to come.

There will be no re-sale value, but these guys will cost us nothing either except wages and with guys like Christie, Brown, Ntcham and Edouard off the books we’re probably not going to wind up spending much more on wages whoever we sign.

I would not be averse to seeing a James McCarthy type signing or the return of someone like big Erik, because these guys have been there, seen it and done it.

We have a manager who has never coached at this level, I by-God want players who understand the stakes and have enough about them to get the job done. Does anyone think these sort of guys wouldn’t enhance the squad?

Those slagging the idea that we might go in for the big Dane are crazy; he’s a far better option than the like of Bitton playing out of position.

Reports today suggest that Sunderland have accepted that Charlie Wyke will be a Celtic player. In spite of people being underwhelmed by that, I think the signing is well thought out and not just because he scores goals.

It’s a sign that someone at the club realises we need people who’ve been there, seen it and done it

There is room in this squad for players who are up and coming, but needs must right now and we have a title to snatch back.

It’s not short-term thinking to sign someone who’s been around the block; it’s necessity.

It’s the smart move.

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