Celtic Gains Nothing From Neil Lennon’s War Of Words With The World.

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Everyone at Celtic Park has a focus right now, and that focus is on seeing that this club is restored to its rightful place as the top team in the country.

The effort required to do it this season will be huge, and it is important that the whole club stays focussed.

Distractions are not welcome.

The former manager re-litigating every debate and dispute he had at the club, via the media, and refusing to take one iota of responsibility for his multiple failures, is a very big distraction indeed, if people inside Celtic focus on it.

If Lennon wants to fight with everyone inside and outside the club, then we should let him.

It’s okay that the fan media comments from time to time – when he attacks our supporters we pretty much have to, as if he were anyone else – but those inside Parkhead should keep their mouths closed and focus on the work at hand.

That means Leigh Griffiths not re-igniting his own war of words with Lennon, which would be all too easy to do.

It means the club not responding, in any way, to his ludicrous argument with Ian Maxwell over Dubai, where Lennon is squealing conspiracy and still refuses to accept that the vast majority of people in this country, including the majority of our fans, think it was plainly wrong to have gone out on that trip.

He talks like it had some big impact on our chances of winning the title; it did, but it also didn’t.

What it definitely did was extinguish the last flicker of hope some people had, but our season didn’t collapse in January. It collapsed way before that, because of his mismanagement. By November, if not sooner, it was clear that Lennon had to go.

I don’t know what he thinks he’s doing at the moment with all this nonsense, but the press is loving it. They are giving him every bit of coverage they can, and extending the microphone further than they’ve ever offered it, and why not?

Aside from the board – who he never praised enough – he has taken shots at the players, the fans and the Scottish Government; it makes great headlines, even as it serves up headaches for people in and around Celtic Park. Lennon doesn’t care about any of that.

Which is why everyone at Celtic should ignore him and dig into the work at hand.

If Griffiths, in particular, feels aggrieved the best way to deal with it is to work harder than ever and show Lennon why he is wrong. Once we’re back on top and he’s back amongst the goals, there will be no question who was right and who was wrong … until then it’s a debate not even worth having.

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