Celtic Must Do A Root And Branch Review Of Every Employee At The Club.

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Today, Gordon Strachan is urging that the fans get behind the new set-up at Celtic and forget about Eddie Howe and his proposed revolution.

It’s easy for Strachan to say; he has a vested interest in certain things at Celtic remaining just the way they are.

Two of his sons are employed by the club, and I don’t think anyone can make a good case for keeping either of them.

One, of course, is a coach who is partly responsible for our worst season in a decade.

Another is a scout, although it’s a mystery what he’s brought to the table.

The Friends Of The Man have had a high old time at Parkhead these last few years, and Strachan is but one example of someone who’s benefited from his close proximity to the Celtic boardroom.

It is high time we got value for our money, though.

Dominic McKay will have the reigns soon; more on him later on.

It is custom and practice when a new CEO is brought into an organisation that one of the first things he does is undertake a full strategic review of the whole business. This guy could do a lot worse.

We’re being failed by a lot of different departments at Celtic right now, and those departments need root and branch reform, not little tweaks around the edges. It can’t be enough to have a gig at Parkhead because of who you know.

If you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem and you need to find somewhere else to work.

That should be the message McKay conveys to everyone involved.

A director of football would be a huge help to him in this respect; McKay simply cannot continue without one for long, and he should be making a red line issue with the board.

One of the problems with Lawwell is that he became over-mighty.

Another problem was that his need to micro-manage and have a finger in every pie took his focus from where it belonged.

McKay needs to know that the structure supporting him works, and that it’s made up of all the right people. It is high time that someone cleaned house. Lawwell built the house, so he was never going to do it.

But we are in dire need of a strategic review, and a major gutting of the back room.

If certain “friends” feel put out by that, hard lines.

The institution comes first, and that’s the mind-set McKay has to follow.

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