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Celtic’s Idiotic Rivals Squeal Like Pigs Over The Scheduling Of Derby Match.

Image for Celtic’s Idiotic Rivals Squeal Like Pigs Over The Scheduling Of Derby Match.

Have you seen our start to the season? Jesus, we have every tough away game you could hope not to get. It’s as if the “computer” making up the fixture list was determined to give Postecoglou the toughest possible start that it could.

For all that, most Celtic fans are pretty calm about it all, or maybe we’ve simply settled into a kind of resigned dread which we know won’t shift and so have graduated to acceptance.

I don’t know.

If we get some players in we’ll have a shot, but right now the picture looks pretty bleak.

The “computer” was always going to take advantage of our uncertainty.

No, that wailing you hear is coming from across the city where their start is much simpler but they’ve still found an excuse to moan and have a greet.

You’d think with all the big-talk from over there that they’d be confident enough … but I think they’ve looked at Postecoglou and concluded, rightly, that he will set higher standards than Lennon, and so they’re worried.

But it’s the scheduling of the first game between us and them which has their anger spiking and their blood-pressure up. These idiots really do think everyone is out to get them, even when they’ve been handed a ludicrously easy start in comparison to ours.

One of their websites has the following headline; “Rangers fans raise suspicious Celtic eyebrow over Old Firm scheduling.” The chorus of anger over this is reflected on social media.

Their gripe that the game – which is the fourth league match of the campaign, and is due to be played at their home ground – is nearly two months earlier than it was last season, and this is interpreted as people playing games to make sure they don’t have a full house.

This is barmy when you consider that there will be no full house, anywhere in Britain, before the turn of the year and probably in the whole campaign.

Another of their websites is crying the blues over the “crowded” August schedule with nine games to play in a very short window.

Oh well boo-hoo. Our own schedule is no less nuts and we actually play two games extra because we start Europe at an earlier stage.

These Peepul really think they are picked on by the whole world.

The SPFL couldn’t have satisfied this lot had they gave them every game at home against the teams which finished in the bottom half last season.

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