Celtic’s “No Extended Deadline” Season Ticket Warning Is Another Insult To Fans.

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Celtic has today asked fans who want to attend the “reduced capacity” games at Parkhead to submit their information for a ballot.

They have warned those who have yet to renew their season tickets that the deadline – due to expire in ten days – will not be extended.

This is yet another Celtic PR own goal, effectively holding a gun to the heads of fans in an effort to get them to buy season tickets before the window for it closes.

I have no information on how many have been sold at the moment, but there’s been no big thank you post from the club over this or gleeful announcement that some magic number has been hit.

Instead we’re getting threats.

At a time when a lot of people are still struggling with the household finances, when we don’t know how many games a season ticket holder will see, when we have no idea whether the failed coaching team from last season will still be working at the club and when the team rebuilding hasn’t even started yet … this is the how the club treats fans.

You know what else won’t be extended?

The Champions League registration window.

The draw for our 2nd Round Qualifier is tomorrow and we aren’t even close to being ready for it, which is entirely the fault of this grossly incompetent board of directors which has had months to get its act together and which doesn’t even have a director of football yet.

Who do you reckon is handling player negotiations, if indeed there are any?

The guy who failed to do deals last season for Toney and Davies?

You’d put money on it, wouldn’t you?

What a cheek the club has with this brazen demand for cash.

What a brass neck they’ve shown in daring to treat the fans this way.

There are ten days to go until that window and they’ve given us nothing but a new manager who if he left right now couldn’t even sit in front of the media for the day the deadline expires because of a quarantine period, which is to say nothing for work permits and European licenses. The team has been decimated. Kennedy and Strachan hang around the place like a bad smell and are certainties to take pre-season training in spite of the monumental mess they made of it last year.

The running of the club is a shambles.

How dare they wave the big stick at a time like this?

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