Celtic’s Title “Warning” Stories Are Amongst The Stupidest Of 2021 So Far.

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Nowhere in football has a manager who has just won a title ever told his rivals that they will find it easier in the coming campaign.

Nowhere in football has a title ever been won in the first month of the season.

Yet on consecutive days this is the nonsense we’ve had to endure in the mainstream press.

And they have a cheek, these people, to sneer at the bloggers.

Let’s take the second of these examples first; an ex-Ibrox keeper has predicted that our club could collapse as soon as August.

This isn’t even worth properly commenting on, so instead I think it’s worth slamming the media which chose to run this crap. Who can take that serious as reportage? It’s so clearly ridiculous that no editor should have touched it.

Cammy Bell has been described as “a pundit” as it this justifies such idiotic statements.

In Scotland maybe it does, but it’s contemptible.

The media insults its own audience when it publishes such third rate “opinions”, far worse than any you would hear down in your local pub.

I’ve heard the Celtic fan media conference described as “toe curling.”

What do you even say about an editorial meeting where someone pitches guff like this and heads around the table nod.

A university paper wouldn’t publish barrel scarping views like those, but our press will. How dare they critique our fan outlets when they are promoting drivel like this?

The second article is just as dumb, with Gerrard “warning” Celtic that they won’t give up their title without a fight.

Did that even need to be said?

What kind of team tells the world that it’s going to give its title meekly?

Are we supposed to be intimidated because defending champions are determined to defend what they have? Our players and manager said all this stuff last season; you remember what happened there, I assume.

The Record and other outlets could just have written “Steve Gerrard states the bloody obvious” and left it at that, because really that’s all he’s done here.

But the press got to write two daft stories about how we’ve been “warned” about the season ahead, as if we needed them.

The Bell stuff is so pathetic it’s barely worthy of remarking on. Gerrard’s comments are so run of the mill that it must have been a slow news day indeed that they ever got major publicity.

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