Dave King Isn’t Trolling Celtic. He’s Trolling Our Shambolic Board Of Directors.

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Someone sent me a link last night to Dave King’s latest running commentary on the state of Celtic.

You would think this guy checked out of Ibrox as the eternal winner, instead of as the man who presided over their club as we won a quadruple treble.

To have this eternal loser poke fun at you must be sore.

I don’t know because it’s not me he’s poking fun at.

Nor is it any of you, dear readers.

Dave King is poking fun at Desmond, Bankier, Lawwell, Wilson and the rest of them. He’s laughing at our board, not at our club. He can’t laugh at our club because even an idiot like him knows better than that.

This club is stronger than theirs; that’s just a fact and laughing boy knows it. It’s been true for at least 20 years now, and nothing he or his cronies did, or do, can change that. We’re victims of dreadful leadership, not structural weakness.

So when King sneers about the value of fan representation at the club he’s not trolling us.

You could, in fact, say he’s trolling his own fans in a sense because he gave jobs to a bunch of his own toadies and placemen whilst he was there, but by no stretch of the imagination did this amount to any sort of fan representation, and their supporters are as far from having that ambition realised as they ever were, so I laugh, actually, at his pretend enthusiasm for it.

But he sees an opportunity to take a cheap and easy shot at our board, and the deterioration of the relationship between them and The Celtic Trust.

It must make them very proud, all these tired old white men who thought they were untouchable, to see this two-bob tax cheat mocking them even as he fleeces the Ibrox fans for their own hard earned cash.

King was a disaster at Ibrox, but from his lofty position right now as the hero of their gullible supporters, he is having a high old time as we fumble about looking like rank amateurs.

Hey, I feel zero loyalty to the people running Celtic at the moment.

I am not writing this piece to defend them. I’m telling them, “this guy is laughing at you” and I have to be honest, I don’t think any of them even has the imagination to do something about it.

Dave King has their number. How embarrassing is that?

For them, not for the rest of us who know what King is, who know what Celtic is and are just waiting for someone to step up and start running it right again.

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