Edouard Looks As If He’s Gone And For Celtic That’s The Right Decision.

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Reports this morning suggest that Odsonne Edouard is on his way of Celtic for what would usually be considered an insultingly low fee; £18 million, which is still a nice chunk of change but doesn’t come close to representing the kind of valuation we once hoped for.

This is just a small part of the larger mess we are in, but for once in the past eight days I take some comfort from what would otherwise be looked upon as a bad news story.

I take comfort from it because this is what Celtic needs, a clean break.

We know the dressing room needs clearing out, and that’s not a job that will wait much longer.

Those people who don’t want to be at Celtic need moving on out the door, and new footballers brought in. If the manager is going to be announced in the next few days – we’ll see, I’m not holding my breath nor particularly looking forward to him being confirmed either – then that needs to trigger a flurry of activity in the incoming direction.

And he needs money to start getting that project off the ground.

The talk of Kennedy and Strachan staying on is bad enough; those two need to be as far away from Celtic Park and Lennoxtown as possible. The idea that we might keep some of the unhappy players for the first Champions League qualifier is just unacceptable. These players have no commitment to the club whatsoever.

It’s time to get shot of them.

There’s an element of throwing us in at the deep end here …

I think sometimes this club needs that to give its leadership the proper motivation. The new manager needs to know that the scale of this job is massive and won’t wait much longer.

So I agree with selling Edouard now, although I have grave concerns about the quality we intend to replace him and others with, and the manager will have no idea at all and need to trust the judgement of people who I wouldn’t want near this process.

For all that, I believe getting Edouard out the door is a start we badly needed to make.

It was inevitable and so sooner was better from our point of view.

There was no point in pretending he still had something to offer. All he did have was what we’re about to get, a transfer fee which lets us begin, at last, the hard work that lies ahead of us.

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