Finance “Expert” Posts Yet Another Ridiculous Piece On Celtic’s Earnings.

Image for Finance “Expert” Posts Yet Another Ridiculous Piece On Celtic’s Earnings.

Today saw latest nonsensical Kieran Maguire piece on the site where he operates, talking about how Ibrox is set to “rocket past us” in terms of income.

writer of the piece – as opposed to Maguire who only put his name on it – seems so by his comments that even he appears to be trolling him; last two lines lay out what really matters.

This is what Scotland’s worst financial adviser said.

revenue gap was £59million between the two and now it’s decreased to £11m. That was without Rangers playing in the Champions League. They need just one good season where they are more successful in Europe. If they are in the Champions League and Celtic are in the Europa League, for example. We are reaching an intersection point …”

An intersection point of what?

They might – just might – post higher in a year when they are in elite competition.

But it means nothing whatsoever if they post losses in same year.

piece actually points out, at the end, that Celtic posted £100,000 profit last time, in a year the virus cut short, whereas they lost more than £15 million … and that is what matters.

The finance gap is a red herring here … nine years out of ten we will make more money than them anyway, so the finance gap will still be in our favour most of the time, but the real issue is, and has always been, whether they can finally find a way to only spend what they earn.

Aside from EBT’s that club has already made every mistake the old Rangers did, and they are adding a few more into the bargain.

Celtic is run on a sustainable basis; more years than not that will give us more to spend than they can across the city.

The difficult years come when they decide to behave with reckless disregard for prudence and through caution to the win.

He is the only “finance expert” in the world who thinks that’s a positive.

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