Instead Of “Privately Seething” At The SFA Celtic Should Be Sorting Its Own Mess Out.

Image for Instead Of “Privately Seething” At The SFA Celtic Should Be Sorting Its Own Mess Out.

Last night, the press reported that Celtic is unhappy with the SFA and presumably the Scottish Government over their handling of the virus outbreak in the Scotland camp.

We are said to be “privately seething.”

So that must be how it ended up in a national newspaper, that it’s so private.

This is a continuation of the same complaining we’ve done since January.

Almost of that complaining has been done via media leaks like this.

Although we’ve made a public apology there have been numerous stories in the press about how unhappy the club feels behind the scenes.

As we’ve said on this site before, there is no use in our club bitching and moaning in vague terms to the media.

If we have specific grievances, let’s hear what they are.

Better yet, why don’t those running our club stop bitching and moaning and complaining about things past?

Even if we are correct, and there was some harsh treatment doled out to us – and I do believe that we were hammered in some ways – there is no point in focussing on it at the moment when we have tons of work to do in the background.

The best way that we can hurt those who have come at us is to go after them, and that means getting our act together again at every level of the club.

It means hiring a manager and funding him properly.

It means no more of this messing about.

If we start doing our business properly then we can give those who have swung the boot at us something to worry about.

Whilst we’re doing this Ibrox-style naval gazing and dwelling on past sins we’re going to get nowhere.

This whole club seems fuzzy and unfocussed right now, and leaking this kind of nonsense to the press is part of the reason why.

Focus, for God’s sake, on our larger problems instead of this crap.

Our club will be better off for it.

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