It Is Absolutely Unacceptable For Kennedy To Continue As Celtic’s Assistant Manager

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A Celtic source has dismissed the story that Postecoglou wants Kevin Muscat as his new assistant manager by telling The Daily Record that he will be “nowhere near” the rebuild.

Is this forceful denunciation of the story a small-minded reaction to his previous playing record? If so that’s yet another sterling example, this season, of our directors failing to read the room.

If it’s an indication that they’ve already decided on who his assistant is going to be then that’s a sign that they haven’t even realised anyone else is in the room, because of all the scenarios which they could conjure up, the imposition of John Kennedy on this guy as assistant is the most seismic and the most damaging, by far.

There are those of us who would have taken an eminently qualified recipient of an EBT over John Kennedy.

If that doesn’t spell out the opposition that exists to this – near unanimity amongst the fans – then I don’t know what will.

The sight of Kennedy leading training will be bad enough; you would struggle to find a single fan who thinks he belongs in Lennoxtown far less running the place.

The sight of him on the touchline, providing his discredited brand of “advice” will toxify the manager, making him seem like a board puppet, and get him off to the worst possible start.

This is the bind the board has got this guy in.

I know full well that Lawwell’s inclination will be to give him some “local” assistant, and we all know who it will be, but Postecoglou starts off with some critical disadvantages and this would only make things worse.

At every stage of this fiasco, I’ve been left, more and more, with the sinking feeling that this board seems determined to make its relationship with the supporters worse.

There is no merit whatsoever to giving Kennedy and Strachan roles in any restructuring.

Neither has proved up to it.

If Postecoglou has these men forced on him he will carry the can, but those who done it will not be forgotten if and when it turns into a disaster.

Desmond won’t care. (More on him later.)

But others will … and Dominic McKay will bitterly regret that he played a role in it and was seen to endorse such a scandalous move.

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