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Kris Ajer Confirms Football’s Worst Kept Secret. He Wants To Leave Celtic.

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Kris Ajer has confirmed in an interview today that he wants to leave Celtic in the summer.

You know what? I cannot blame him one bit.

He’s with his national squad right now and he has no idea what chaos he will be walking into when he returns to pre-season training.

None of the players do, and the idea of such a ridiculous coaching choice will not have convinced any waverers that our club has either an ounce of professionalism or genuine ambition.

A week ago most of us were sitting waiting for some Eddie Howe news.

We got it, but not the sort we were expecting.

The seven days since has been a shambles and a farce and any chance we had of keeping people like Ajer and Eddie at Parkhead went by the boards the second the club announced the Howe deal was off and leaked the name of this guy.

Of course, the farce has continued all week long, and when I reported on Tuesday that UEFA had confirmed he had no license that was the start of more weeks of waiting and frustration and hoping that somehow this is all a nightmare we’ll wake up from.

Ajer isn’t hanging around for that.

He wants out and he sounds like a guy who wants out right now.

The idea that we should keep him around and ask him to give 100% for us in European games, as some appear to be suggesting we will, is lunacy. He’s made his position clear and we should get shot of him as soon as we possibly can, for as high a fee as we can get.

But I hold no grudges because how can you?

We’re a mess and anyone who could get out would want to.

As I said in I piece during the week, I’ve gone from thinking we might stand a chance of keeping at least one of the want-away players to worrying about who else we might lose.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s not the last player to go on record suggesting that it would be better all-round if he was allowed to go.

I’m concerned with who might be next.

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