Mark Guidi’s Latest Celtic “Theory” Is As Stupid As Anything I’ve Ever Heard.

Image for Mark Guidi’s Latest Celtic “Theory” Is As Stupid As Anything I’ve Ever Heard.

Mark Guidi has an idea, and because he’s one of those people who thinks that everything that pops into his head is too good not to share, he was telling Clyde 1 listeners just the other night what his latest brainwave is.

He thinks Steve Clarke will be the next Celtic boss.

He thinks that everything that’s happened this summer – perhaps even including the collapse of the Howe deal – is part of a complex trick that the board at Parkhead is playing on its own supporters because, for reasons best known only to them, they want to keep Clarke’s name a secret.

In Guidi’s world, they think the appearance of utter wretched incompetence at every level of the club, damaging our standing, our reputation and the relationship with the fans, is a price worth paying if it makes Clarke’s appointment even one bit more palatable. The theory doesn’t actually suggest how they would do that if it came at the end of all this mayhem.

Indeed, the theory doesn’t even ask why we don’t just make the announcement right now. Because we’d have to wait until after the Euros? Hey, at least Clarke knows the players, knows the markets, knows the requirements of the role.

He is an easier sell than Postecoglou, who is the guy they are currently pushing.

Does Guidi think this is a universally popular candidate we’re looking at here?

Clarke would be a far easier sell than this in some quarters … our board is facing anger whatever they do now that they’ve proved too incompetent to close the deal on Eddie Howe.

Postecoglou is going to be the manager; that’s the reality of it.

Most of us, even those who like me are not terribly keen on that outcome, have resigned ourselves to it and everything it means.

Guidi’s flight of fancy shows the media up in the worst possible light; only an utter idiot would promote such a barmy idea and attach his own name to it.

I really don’t know how the rest of us can be expected to take it seriously, or the show he works for.

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