Podcast Reveals How Celtic’s Board Are The Biggest Barrier To Postecoglou Succeeding.

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Last night I listened to a quite brilliant podcast on the new manager, one by Celtic Underground – who’s fearsome blog yesterday was also superb.

The podcast was an extended interview with an Australian football writer and Celtic die-hard … he went over all the reasons why the new manager has a chance of succeeding. And the reason he’ll probably fail.

The issues, he says, aren’t with the manager, in whom he has total confidence.

He believes in Agne Postecoglou.

He believes that if we were making a list of the key characteristics as Celtic manager needs that we could scarcely do better.

But, like many of us, he thinks this was a panic hire, one done with no thought whatsoever behind it except to bring in someone quick after we’d been snubbed by Howe.

He thinks Postecoglou will thrive in the right environment, with the right system built around him, but he has no faith whatsoever that our board of directors has the vision to put that in place.

He also thinks Postecoglou will need time regardless, and he also understands the Celtic board’s failed summer and negative relationship with the fans has cost him any expectation of that.

Worse will be if Kennedy and Strachan are left as part of his backroom team.

There is no question that this is the worst mess at Celtic Park in many, many years and it’s even worse when you consider that the club has had more than six months to find a director of football and put the structure for all this in place.

What has happened here is a grotesque dereliction of duty, and Dominic McKay has his work cut out for him cleaning all this up.

But he has to make a start on it.

The new manager is going to need at least some of the structure in place before the season starts if he’s to stand a chance.

The podcast is must-listen stuff because it paints a positive picture of the new coach … but a dark picture of the shambles that surrounds him at Celtic Park. It’s hard-nosed and realistic.

Congratulations to Celtic Underground for putting it together.

You can listen to it here.

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