Ralston’s New Deal Means Celtic Finally Has A Youth Oriented Manager.

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Tony Ralston got a one-year contract extension this weekend, and to read the reaction in certain places you’d think Celtic had committed a crime against humanity.

But I’m not as bothered by it as some people are, because we need players and even with the best will in the world we are not, under any circumstances, going to get them in every position we need.

There are two reasons why this is the case; first it would cost way too much money to buy nearly a dozen players.

What kind of quality do you think we’d get for it?

Secondly, try integrating a dozen players, a new manager and a new playing style. Not easy.

We need a right back. At least one. And I expect us to get one, and a good one.

But we also need a backup and Ralston will be a good one, at least as far as the SPL goes.

I really don’t get why everyone is in such a flap over this. It doesn’t rule out us signing a first pick; indeed, giving him the one-year extension shows that we don’t regard him as one.

The decision shows us something else; Postecoglou is going to give our youth players a chance, which is something we’ve all been crying out for.

These guys were coming along a bundle under Rodgers; you’ll have noticed that the exodus of youth talent started the minute Lennon was confirmed as manager. These guys saw no path to first team football.

If Postecoglou is now opening that path up, it should be a source of pleasure for our supporters, not something to be concerned about. I want to see every player who was let down by the previous coaching staff given an opportunity to shine here.

There are a lot of them, and a new manager and new ideas gives us all a chance to see what they can do.

Ralston is being re-signed as a squad player, in much the same way as giving Griffiths a fresh year accomplishes the same. The want away players will go, but for everyone else it’s all hands on deck.

This is a new book we’re writing here and everyone starts with a clean slate on a blank page, and that’s exactly how it ought to be.

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