The Great News On Celtic Park Is Another Sign That Things Are Going Our Way Again.

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The news today that Celtic Park could be full to capacity by mid-August is exciting and great for our club.

It is the greatest lift that our supporters could have, almost as good as seeing our team rebuilt.

The management and the players will take enormous inspiration from a packed Paradise, singing at full volume, cheering them on.

We’re not there yet, not definitely.

The timeline which has been laid out is obviously aspirational as much as anything else, but the feeling is, that with the vaccination program continuing to progress and hospitals not filling up in spite of a rising case count, that we’ve broken the back of this thing.

There will continue to be deaths; that’s a reality we’re not going to get away from my friends, but the current vaccines work and better ones will soon follow.

We’re emerging on the other side of this, at last.

Whilst I wouldn’t be ringing any dates in the calendar as definite – we don’t know what will happen, or what fresh hell new variants have in store for us – I think the chances are very good that our long nightmare is almost at an end.

I don’t know how much our performances suffered for there being no fans inside the grounds, but this whole club is a different proposition when there are 60,000 fans packed into Paradise.

There are players who are at Parkhead right now who’ve never experienced that and I think it will be a huge thrill for them.

It will be a huge thrill for everyone.

Maybe not some much some of the members of our board … that seems a minor matter today when the news is so good and there suddenly seem to be endless possibilities again.

Last season was one of the darkest in our recent history … the excellent performances of Ange and Dominic McKay in front of the media, both mainstream and fan, have restored a bit of the feel-good factor again.

Bring in some players and it will be through the roof before the season starts.

Today’s news comes at a good time.

Do you feel that in the air? That’s call momentum.

Suddenly, it feels as if it’s starting to go our way again.

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