The Record Hit Rock Bottom Today With The “Celtic Could Lose Postecoglou” Story.

Image for The Record Hit Rock Bottom Today With The “Celtic Could Lose Postecoglou” Story.

The Scottish press has a somewhat unusual skill-set which should never be underestimated; it is their ability to embarrass themselves with the nonsense they write. Today the Daily Record (of course) gave us an exceptional example of this with a dire piece on Postecoglou.

It’s about how Postecoglou will abandon Celtic for England.

Most newspapers would not touch a story like this with a 20-foot pole, and others would at least wait until the guy had a couple of games under his belt before they were coming out with trash like this, but The Record does not bind itself to the usual rules of the game. They will, quite literally, write and publish any trash their writers come up.

They have tried to dress this up because their reporter isn’t actually the one saying it; Erik Paartalu is.

If you’re wondering who he is then you’re not alone. He’s an Australian footballer who spent some time here in Scotland at defunct Gretna and at Morton. He has a whole two national caps for his country. He’s just another little known player who most people in this country and the wider game has no recollection of whatsoever.

Yet The Record has given his words a megaphone because they suggest that Celtic “will be back at square one again” when the manager who hasn’t got a single game under his belt yet leaves us in the lurch.

I mean, you can’t even call this merely desperate reportage … it’s several degrees below that standard of quality.

It’s up there with the other wonderful piece they’re running today about how Kevin Muscat has shown his “loyalty” to Ibrox in the face of rumours that he was joining Postecoglou at Celtic Park because he appeared at one of their grubby fan pubs the other day with a fifth rate wannabee who the papers bizarrely label a “star.”

Most Celtic fans I know would have trusted the judgement of the manager had he wanted Muscat on his coaching team, and wouldn’t have cared what club he had played for once. We embraced Kenny Miller, Stephen Pressley and others as players, and we have done this throughout our history and never cared about it.

But the story was expressly denied by Celtic, weeks ago, when their sources told the media that Postecoglou wasn’t interested in it and thus it was a “nonstarter.” So the whole story is just more Record trawling the gutter.

Which I suppose is fitting as it’s where that paper lives and breathes.

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