Why Some Of Celtic’s Transfer Business Is On Hold Until Thursday.

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Those wondering where our signings are may soon have an answer.

On Thursday we’re in a new month. Tomorrow, Peter Lawwell officially leaves the post as CEO and Dominic McKay formally starts the job. What will that mean for our club? A lot.

Thursday is also the day on which out of contract players can sign for us.

That may be why we’ve not yet heard anything about Charlie Wyke and others we’re apparently talking to in the background. Some reports claim we’ve got a deal done – or close to it – with James McCarthy, although that rumour pops up so often it’s become an annual running joke. Does this year feel different? Not that much different.

Nevertheless, Lawwell’s departure should be the signal for a major step-up in our attitude to these things, and the speed at which we get the business done.

Transfers take far too long at Celtic, and we all know this is true.

That is something that has needed to change for a while.

We always go into the first European fixtures unprepared. This must be the last time that happens. If it is to be, it’s probably fitting that this is far and away the most disjointed and lax we’ve ever been on this front.

The whole club has recent had a shot in the arm with the way Ange Postecoglou and Dominic McKay have conducted themselves; it’s as if the adults are finally in the room and things are starting to move in the right direction.

We need more of this.

Every single one of us will feel better when we start bringing some players in through the door. It may be that we’re simply waiting for the current regime to formally step aside.

That’s tomorrow.

The day after that, McKay is free to follow his own path.

That should be when we start to see some business getting done.

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