Aberdeen Reject Continues His One-Man Protest Against All Things Celtic.

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“Come and hear my message … I come and ask for a loan. A small loan. They tell me that I was not economically viable. Hey sir! Thank you for coming in! …. Excuse me! Excuse me sir! Did they give you a loan?! …. He must be ‘economically viable! There’s a man with a smile on his face! He looks like a happy customer! That’s what an ‘economically viable’ customer looks like!”

He’s a small character, playing a small role, but we remember Vondie Curtis-Hall’s beautifully realised protestor from Falling Down long after he’s no longer on the screen.

A man who the world has passed by and left behind.

A man out of kilter with the universe in which he lives, a man who had nothing but who was stripped of that too until all that’s left is to stand outside the bank which failed to give him a loan, holding a sign saying “Not Economically Viable” on it.

Rejection is hard on some people.

It is especially hard on footballers who only have the game in their lives.

Who only have the fame and quasi-legitimacy it grants them.

One such player is well known to our fans because he cannot stop himself from antagonising us, and because our dire media refuses to recognise the emotionally unbalanced vibe he gives off.

Said player continued his obsessive one-man protest against us today.

I would only say to him that if he has issues with someone it’s with his former club; it was they who decided that he was “not economically viable” whilst giving a contract to Scott Brown.

“You can’t polish a turd” he sneers … apparently not realising that if Aberdeen prefers the “turd” then it doesn’t say much for what they think about him.

Or maybe that much has sunk in, maybe that much is clear to him as he pours forth his bile.

Maybe this all just misplaced aggression.

Whatever it is, I’ve believed for a long time now that this particular odious little man is an almost incomprehensibly hateful human being, and he does nothing but demonstrate that over and over again.

The character who stood outside the bank in Falling Down was more to be pitied than scorned; this particular one man protest group is just an embarrassment to himself.

If you were his mate, you’d be doing him a favour by telling him to reign himself in a bit.

He is starting to sound not so much like an obsessive but a stalker and that’s a whole new level of weird and dangerous.

For his own good, he wants to give it a rest.

To carry that much hate around, for our club and our support and our players … he should get help for that.

Instead, the Record gives him encouragement.

Shame on them, and shame on him.

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