So What Are UEFA Pro License Precedents Celtic Needs To Think About?

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Postecoglou is on his way. Celtic is locked into this wholly ridiculous appointment, with this board and its record of picking managers not even slightly in doubt that their judgement is five-by-five.

A lot of our fans are getting behind it I think because they don’t know what else to do.

I get the impression that there is no appointment so absurd that some of them would not try to find some silver lining in it somewhere. If we hired Pedro Caixinha they would tell us “well he hates them and has something to prove.”

But there’s only so much glitter in the world, and even if you used it all you wouldn’t pretty this up for those of us who can see it’s already a disaster in the making.

This issue, which this site broke the story two days ago, concerning his lack of a European Pro License, is the latest thing to be dismissed as a minor matter and not worthy of our concern.

Yet this isn’t a minor matter at all, and it’s a big concern.

There are four precedents I want to go over in this piece, and all of them are applicable to this situation. One involves someone who had the qualifications but about whom there is much confusion and even misinformation.

The other three didn’t have the license.

In all three cases the clubs involved tried a workaround solution.

In two cases it ended disastrously.

In one case it didn’t. But that shouldn’t bring us any succour because in that case we might just have the best precedent for where we are at the current time.

So without further ado, let’s have a look at the four cases which are the best representatives for what we can expect now that the facts are known and we’re changing in regardless.

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