Ibrox Fans Continue To Embarrass Themselves Over The George Square Riots.

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The two most irritating sounds in Scotland today are the dreadful droning self-pity from Neil Lennon and the gnashing of teeth of the Ibrox fan-base as it continues to accuse Civic Scotland of demonising it over their disgusting behaviour in George Square.

The focus of this is the Tartan Army of course, who were apparently treated differently by both the government and the media after they travelled to London and then gathered in George Square to “commemorate” another failure.

The more they try to highlight this apparent disparity, the more shame and disgrace they heap onto their own club and the culture that surrounds it.

The Tartan Army did not piss up the statues. They didn’t trade blows with each other. They didn’t indulge in sectarian or racist singing all day long. They didn’t destroy property. They didn’t fight running battles with police.

In London they even turned up the following morning and cleaned up the mess they had made.

One of their websites is highlighting a tweet from a sometime BBC “journalist” who wants to point to the ways the two George Square gatherings were covered in the press. It’s pretty clear that the BBC guy is pretty thick and that the website publishers are even stupider.

He has published two side-by-side newspaper headlines and accompanying pictures and notes how the tone of the headlines is different; so was the tone of the “celebrations” and the more people want to draw attention to that the better as far as I’m concerned. Let the world contemplate the question, let it see the difference for itself.

I’m not sure he gets that. The writers on the website certainly don’t.

The arrogance, and the blindness, of these idiots to brazenly suggest that there was nothing untoward about the way they behaved, or that it was the coverage of their disgrace that was the real crime here, is pretty amazing. It’s astonishing that they want to keep this debate going, when it is so clear who was to blame and what the real issues were.

The more they wail about it, the more the world sees who they are.

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