The Ibrox Sectarian Singing Scandal Has Not Ended In The Vindication They Think.

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Last week, a Freedom Of Information request to Police Scotland revealed that one of the Sevco sectarian karaoke videos had audio added to it.

Their websites and social media instantly exploded in paroxysms of outraged celebration.

As per usual it was not enough that they heard what they wanted to, their express intent was to ram it down everyone else’s throat.

A couple of elected officials were hounded over it.

One of them, regular Sevconian target of hate, James Dornan, had to put up with idiotic demands that he apologise for something he hadn’t even done and that story ended up all over the STV website who appeared to think his belligerent replies and failure to do so made him guilty, although the allegation against him was a barefaced lie.

James Dornan and Hamza Yousef commented on that video at the time by saying that if – IF – it was accurate that something would have to be done. Dornan had expressed a personal opinion that it looked fairly bad. Which it did.

Both said the matter was sufficiently serious to require investigation.

The Ibrox directors had painted their club as paragons of virtue.

They had taken a very public stance against racism.

The allegation that its players might have engaged in sectarian chanting was very, very serious and it would have been incredible if civic Scotland stayed silent on it.

It would have been an outright scandal if the matter hadn’t been looked into.

Some of us want to see these things eradicated.

Some of us don’t want to live in a bigoted sewer.

Excuse us for having a commitment to seeing this stuff driven out of society.

But I suppose that’s the difference between being on the end of it and being the psychotic ned trying to validate his own existence by calling someone else a fenian bastard.

Police Scotland may have found no case to answer in respect of the video they looked at, but that club has problems which run deep.

The same people screaming about being “vindicated” exist in a toxic zone where the very things they are denying infect their club are all around them and even coming out of their own mouths.

Some of the comments directed at Dornan and others, accusing them of inventing the issue, reek of the very bigotry he was talking about.

I said when that video surfaced that it looked real and that the central allegation sounded plausible.

If that footage had emerged anywhere else in football on this island most people would have been appalled but also surprised. Many would have flatly refused to believe that it was real.

Here we were neither appalled nor surprised.

If there was a presumption of guilt, then it’s because the whole “culture” around that club stinks to high heaven and it made the central allegation very easy to believe.

The video itself might have been fake but their club is immersed in this stuff and they will not confront that problem.

How can they when their marketing department trades on it with orange strips and other such nonsense?

Their fans are obsessed with vendetta and victimhood.

They should still be in the full flush of victory from last season; they have spent the last few months pouring their bile and hate on everyone who has criticised the shocking manner in which they chose to “celebrate.”

The celebrations themselves were laced with spite and malice.

These despicable Peepul cannot reform because they don’t believe they have to.

They believe that they are entitled to act like this, and that we should all just sit down and shut up and put up with it.

We’re not going to do that.

Scotland wants shot of this crap.

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