Celtic Blogger Gives McKay His Sternest Warning From The Fan Media Yet.

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Joe McHugh over at Video Celts has sent Dominic McKay a clear message this morning with an article calling for the CEO to make himself visible in the aftermath of last night’s European result, a sentiment I think most of us would echo.

With the manager already expressing his frustration at the slow pace of transfers, it is clear that things in the garden at Parkhead are less than rosy this morning.

This is the point where leaders show what they are about.

McKay has enjoyed a nice honeymoon up until now, and a lot of benefit of the doubt, but it’s not going to last much longer if visible progress isn’t being made and if the manager continues to sound pissed off.

I said last night in my after-match piece that this club had made no effort whatsoever to qualify for the group stages of the Champions League and I see no sign this morning that we’re taking qualification for the Europa League groups any more seriously.

Preening garbage from the largest shareholder that he’s taking a direct role in transfer business convinces exactly nobody, and I don’t know who the intended audience for that was anyway.

It certainly was not the supporters, who’d rather Desmond kept his nose out of transfer business, and certainly nobody inside the club bought it, especially not the manager himself who is singularly unimpressed by whatever is going on behind the scenes.

Joe’s warning to McKay is the most brutally to-the-point yet.

“McKay needs to show himself soon, not being Peter Lawwell won’t last forever,” he says and that’s about as on target as it’s possible to get. McKay is getting by right now on who he isn’t, not on what he’s done, but if fans look at the way we do business and can’t tell the difference that has a very short shelf life.

I’ve written a lot on this site about perception versus reality, and specifically about the point of danger when people start to mistake one for the other. If McKay gets pegged as Lawwell 2.0 that’s a tag which will be very hard for him to shake off.

He has a rapidly closing window to change that view before it sets and hardens.

He is running out of “benefit of the doubt.”

Not being Peter Lawwell will not save him from real scrutiny.

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