Celtic Has Denied That The Manager Has Had His Coaches Imposed On Him.

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Earlier today, I posted a piece telling fans to be careful about lending any credence to a story which said that the manager has been told he must work with the current coaching staff.

I said I had asked the club for clarification on the matter.

A few hours later, Celtic sources told the website Celts Are Here that the story was nonsense.

This website has been told the same thing from within Parkhead.

Ange Postecoglou has full control over his backroom appointments, just as he and Dominic McKay said at the fans presser a few weeks ago.

The Australian agent’s “understanding” is a misunderstanding.

Or at least that’s the interpretation I’m going to generously give to it.

I don’t know anything about the guy so if he has an agenda to push I’m unware of what it might be.

These “understandings” … I mean, honestly.

Imagine basing a media story on such a vague remark.

Did those running the podcast not think to ask for a little more clarity?

Because I’d have wanted to know where that “understanding” came from and what strength it had before I plastered that all over the net. It’s a heavy duty allegation and not something that should have been thrown around quite so frivolously as it has been here.

The story was so potentially damaging and serious – that both senior officials had basically told the fans lies –that it required clarification.

Since the original broadcasters didn’t bother to get any, some of us approached Celtic directly on the matter, which is probably what The Daily Record and other outlets should have done as well.

But we can all understand why they didn’t think to.

Hopefully the fact we all have should put a charger up their backsides and get them to do likewise.

But why do I suspect that we’ll get “analysis” of this shoddy claim instead?

The media will do whatever the Hell it likes.

It is free to do so just so long as the facts and the truth are on record for anyone who wants to find them.

I’m pleased that we now have that clarification direct from Parkhead and that we can put this story firmly to bed.

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