Celtic Should Spare The Fans The Cheap Comedy And Focus On The Serious Business.

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“The one you’ve been waiting for …” Celtic’s Twitter feed said tonight, following it up with a cheap dig at the England national football team.

Not that I have any problem with that, of course, but low comedy and jokes about “it’s coming home” as we launch a new strip are precisely what we can do without right now.

The only thing Celtic fans want to see “coming home” is the league trophy.

The only way we’re going to do that, and the best way to flog a new strip, is to put a new multi-million pound signing in the Hooped jersey and give us some confidence that people at Parkhead aren’t taking the piss.

Honest to God, our PR department needs to seriously get a grip at the moment, but not half as much as those above them at the club need to. It should be obvious to people inside Celtic Park what it is that the fans are actually waiting for … signs of life.

Signs that people at the top of the club actually understand their responsibilities and have stopped viewing us with naked contempt.

I don’t find this stuff funny right now.

I don’t think it’s smart or clever when many of us are looking at the coming campaign with disquiet and when the manager knows himself that we’re going into this Champions League fixture next week woefully undermanned.

It looks as if they are hanging him out to dry, which is disgraceful considering all of their public statements of support. We’re eight days away from a massive opening game for him.

It is high time the club started to show it takes that as seriously as he does.

The impression is growing that this is still a club sleepwalking towards the cliff-face.

Less of the daft jokes Celtic, and get some damned transfer business done.

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