Celtic’s Pursuit Of Foreign Signings Is Pointless As Far As This Round In Europe Goes.

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Celtic will try to sign players this week, so says the manager.

But who?

Reports today link us with several footballers from across Europe, but the thing is, we all know that European signings are pointless now. Ten day quarantine makes it impossible for any player we sign from abroad to play in the Champions League qualifying round.

For Celtic to have the players we need to get through this one, they have to be based in the UK.

That we’ve squandered so much time on this has left us basically out of options.

Numerous UK based players have been named as likely targets; I don’t think there’s any real chance of seeing Baldock (£6 million plus) or Davies (massive wages) at the club.

So whatever we have going on, it’s not been in the press yet.

I felt bad for the manager yesterday listening to him.

He knows we’re not ready for this game, he knows the squad is weak in places and he probably knows who the targets are and whether or not they will be of any help to him for this game.

The lack of planning and foresight here is frankly staggering.

I have never known the non-playing side of the club to be such a disorganised shambles as it is at the moment, and that’s saying something. We tend to go into these games unprepared, but never like this.

Look at the squad we go into that match which.

It is undisputedly weaker than the one we into Europe with last season. We still have the same two coaches. We’ve replaced Lennon with Postecoglou; this is the result of all the “work” that’s gone into Celtic since the Irishman was sacked in February.

It is a joke, and the joke was on all of us with season tickets.

The manager is not laughing. This is his first competitive match, and he was entitled to much better support going into it than he’s had so far.

We may well get signings over the line. We have to wait and see.

But the chances are that we’re going into the first big test of the season with what is, in effect, the team that we have right now. A couple of good pre-season performances are in no way enough to make us feel confident that we have enough about us to go through.

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