David Moyes Is A Self Promotor Who Constantly Uses Celtic For His Own Ends.

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David Moyes is talking about Celtic again, and the possibility of one day becoming manager of the club. If it suits him. On his timeline. This isn’t the first time he’s done this, but it’s completely ridiculous that he’s doing it now when we’ve got a new guy in the door.

Moyes has “confirmed” that talks have been had “down through the years” about taking the job. I’m fairly sure that those talks, if they did take place, would have been private.

Or so our board might have presumed.

He appears not to think so, or not to care.

I get tired of this guy. Every time there’s a vacancy or the club appoints somebody he does this little dance. He has a job right now, and he’s done not too badly at it. He might have resurrected his failed name with his performance at West Ham, but it’s early doors.

He owes his own club more respect than to indulge in this garbage.

Moyes has overlooked one major thing; had we appointed him on any of those previous occasions, if he had actually been interested and not just using us as a means of leveraging some other club, the decision would have been almost uniformly unpopular amongst our supporters.

David Moyes has been in the game for years and hasn’t accomplished anything.

Not one thing. He’s never won a major honour, although he was at the helm of what was then a super-club. Even his time at Everton, for which he is lauded, never resulted in the delivery of silverware.

Brendan Rodgers has already taken Leicester to an FA Cup … that’s what real top managers can do and Moyes, for all the hype that surrounds him, has never really belonged in that category.

But he believes that he does, which is why he’s also seen Celtic and Scottish football as a step down.

His comments today are typically egotistical; they are the words of a man who sees coming to a club like this, and a league like ours, as something for his twilight years and he talks as if we should all be grateful for the consideration.

If he’s won anything by the time that comes around he may be worth having a conversation with.

Until then, David Moyes is an also-ran who thinks he’s something more.

It is high time he stopped using this club as fuel for his own ego.

His appointment would not have been welcomed.

He is arrogant without any reason to be.

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