On The Non-Playing Side Of Celtic, Finally There Are Positive Things Happening.

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Whatever the truth about Lawwell might be – and I’m awaiting an answer on it – there’s one thing that is certain; things are moving behind the scenes, faster than they have in a while.

The club is starting to put a structure in place to support the manager.

How do we know this? We know this because the club has actually advertised the jobs. It has actually reached out to undergo a proper formal process and evaluation of candidates.

This is most welcome; it means that we’re not relying on some discredited old boys network to get this stuff done. It means that we are acting like a professional organisation.

All this is to the good, if fans are to have full confidence in the rebuild.

The club cannot appear to be taking decisions in a closed-shop way.

We need people in key posts like analytics and nutrition and in the technical side of the club.

But we also need a director of football and a proper scouting department, in part so that we can have confidence that those running that side of the operation are professionals and qualified for the role.

I have been critical of the length it’s taken to get signings in; I’m still concerned that we aren’t going to be able to get through this qualifying round with the present squad.

I’ve also been critical of the decision the manager has taken to retain the services of Kennedy and Strachan, as both were involved in last year’s failures and that should have been acknowledged.

But signs of life are most welcome when they appear at Celtic and the rebuild off the pitch is almost the equal to the one we require on it. There’s a start being made, and it’s being made a time when those running the operation are trying to do a lot of things at once.

Progress in any area is most welcome, and we’re seeing some in the non-playing side of the football department.

It’s good to see.

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