Peter Lawwell’s Day To Day Involvement At Celtic Is Officially At An End.

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Earlier today, I said that there was an important question to ask in relation to Peter Lawwell’s continuing involvement at Celtic Park. That question was whether or not the “non PLC board” he is on has any involvement in the football operation.

My understanding of the matter, now, is that this is not the case.

In fact, Peter Lawwell’s continuing to hold a role at Celtic Park is exactly what Dominic McKay indicated that it was; a box-checking exercise to satisfy the requirements at UEFA and the ECA.

Whether the former CEO remains on the SFA board we’ll see in time, but if I were a betting man I’d say that he won’t be doing that either.

It seems that Peter Lawwell sees this as a clean break, and may even be pretty glad to be done with the day to day business at our club.

Which isn’t to say he is happy to have left under the current circumstances, but he does have one or two things on his mind which are bigger than mere matters of football.

We should not forget that he recently went through a dreadful ordeal and much of what was going on there is not in the public domain.

But I’ll say this right now, for the record; Peter Lawwell has done a lot of good for the game beyond that which is clearly understood. He has done a lot for Celtic beyond that which is clearly understood.

I believe that certain of his actions which presently are not widely known will be fully appreciated in time and his reputation greatly enhanced by them.

For now, the only thing that matters is to follow up on the article I wrote earlier with the facts; Peter’s time at Celtic Park is done and there is no further need to dwell on this issue.

He will continue to be our representative at UEFA and on the ECA, but he will play no further day to day role in the running of Celtic, either on the football side or anywhere else.

The time will come for a full and proper accounting of his time at Celtic Park, and the legacy he leaves behind.

I am not ready to write that article yet, as I’m still pretty angry with the events of this year.

As I said in the last piece, off the field things are happening which are moving us in a new direction and Dominic McKay is now taking the critical decisions.

Some questions remain, but they are for him to answer now as we go forward.

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