The Scottish Press’s Latest Pro-Ibrox Anti-Celtic Puff Piece Is Simply Ridiculous.

Image for The Scottish Press’s Latest Pro-Ibrox Anti-Celtic Puff Piece Is Simply Ridiculous.

If you believe the papers today Celtic has been “overtaken” in terms of who has the most valuable squad. Apparently the club at Ibrox has secured that prize for themselves.

According to who? My first thought when I saw this junk was that it had to be the latest piece of arrant nonsense from the idiotic Kieran Maguire, the only “finance expert” in the world who thinks posting losses year on year is “breaking even.”

No, this is worse even than that.

It comes from the notorious unreliable, a website which rates Callum McGregor at £7 million – which is so obviously nonsensical it doesn’t even need to be said – and Turnbull at £5 million, which wouldn’t even buy his football boots.

It has Tom Rogic worth just over £1 million.

If Postecoglou helps him rediscover his form the sky is the limit on what that boy is worth.

Even their fans can’t agree on the nonsense on that site; if you told them that it valued Glen Kamara at £6 million, which it does, you would hear them squealing all across central Scotland.

I actually do think that sum is pretty daft as he’s not worth near that.

Their first team squad is allegedly worth almost £100 million; that’s mental, of course, as we all know.

This website values Shane Duffy at £5 million.

What else is there to say? Except this …

There are two variables here and those divorced from reality fans of theirs have never been able to fully grasp one of them and it’s this; a player is worth only what clubs are willing to pay for him, and the idea that their club is worth that is hilarious.

It has 28-year-old Connor Goldson as a £7 million defender.

James Tavernier, 29, and one of the most overhyped full-backs I’ve seen in years is allegedly worth £8 million. Today he’s linked to Arsenal and Manchester United, and I guarantee none of them would touch this guy if they were offering him at half that.

The other variable is potential.

The site has Ismail Soro at £900,000.

It has Luca Connell valued at half of that.

Our new signing today is rated as £350,000 … which is basically the cross border fee.

Potential, which clubs pay premium rates for, isn’t even considered on those valuations.

On top of that, Ibrox’s valuation is based on a squad of 31 players.

Ours is based on a squad size of 26 and this includes a variety of youth players. Our first team squad will add at least a half dozen players to it before this window shuts … and then we’ll see.

Honestly, this one was barely worth wasting my time on today.

Which is why I’ve given it a Kit Kat and a coffee break as opposed to genuine examination.

But of course, the press loved it because it got them an easy headline for a wee bit of pro-Ibrox PR.

It doesn’t seem to bother them that this doesn’t seem to be based in reality at all.

Whatever next? Football Manager thinks Celtic will struggle under Postecoglou?

I expect it any day.

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