The New Deal For Griffiths Is A Surprise. Does It Mean Celtic No Longer Want Wyke?

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One way or another, whatever was decided about Leigh Griffiths, the decision was always going to come from Ange Postecoglou.

Yesterday, when Griffiths seemed to have removed all trace of the club from his social media platforms, most of us thought that was the end, and although the question would have had to have been asked, I thought Ange would be in total control of the decision.

So it proved, but not in the way I expected. Postecoglou wanted Griffiths to stay and he’s signed a new deal. So the Prodigal Son gets one last chance. Lazarus only came back from the dead once.

How many career revivals is this for the player now?

Surely the last, but we’ve all said that before too.

Questions arise from this, such as what this means for our pursuit of Charlie Wyke of Sunderland.

One assumes that it doesn’t affect it at all, but I had expected that deal to be tied up.

It’s good, obviously, that we have completed the signing of the big lad from Sheffield Wednesday and the pursuit of the boy from Croatia is still ongoing … so we’re building from the back.

But like everyone else, I’m a sucker for a signing in the top half of the pitch and I was very much looking forward to watching Wyke strut his stuff at Parkhead.

As a I said in a previous piece, this one looked, on paper, less than it is … it’s actually a brilliant piece of scouting as the guy ticks very many of the boxes we were hoping for. I hoped we’d close that deal.

I thought he was the natural replacement for Griffiths, so naturally I have one or two concerns that maybe the one year extension puts an end to our pursuit of this guy.

I can see them both forming an effective partnership, and then there’s the striker we need to sign once Edouard departs, which is a must as we require someone capable on that bigger stage.

But today looks like being a Good News day all round, and even the Griffiths signing is good news in spite of those who simply don’t want him around Celtic.

I can understand why he’s been retained, but I would also have understood if he wasn’t

The manager has saved his Celtic career here, and he owes the guy big time.

There are others at the club who would have shown him the door and then locked it behind him.

Postecoglou has put his faith in this most difficult of footballers.

Griffiths owes it to him, and to us, and yes even to himself, to grab this chance and make of it everything he possibly can.

It is certainly his last.

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