Glasgow Live’s Billy Gilmour Story Makes A Joke Out Of Stone Bigotry.

Image for Glasgow Live’s Billy Gilmour Story Makes A Joke Out Of Stone Bigotry.

Billy Gilmour was unveiled as a Norwich player today and his family posed with a scarf.

His mother, in a decision fully vindicated by which attempted to make a joke out of it, put her hand on a yellow section, and told the media gathered there that she was pointedly refusing to touch the green bit.

What a stone stupid thing to do.

What an appalling thing to reveal about yourself.

That is an to the family, to Chelsea and to Norwich itself, who’s media pack must have been first puzzled and then cringing as the significance – or lack of significance – became clear.

Think what goes through the mind of someone with this mentality.

Think for a second of what it says about her internal thought process.

Glasgow Live’s writer loved it. “Rangers daft” he called her, and made out that this is simply her being true to her beliefs.

I daresay he’s right, and the word “daft” certainly applies.

But on the day in which her son and her family should be proud – her son, after all, is certain to play regular first team football in one of the biggest leagues in Europe next season – this is what was going through her mind and she has hogged with an act that reeks of bigotry and as per usual our media is treating it like a joke.

An Ibrox website asked this very week why we dislike orange although it’s part of the Irish Republic flag. We don’t dislike the colour on general principle, only what it denotes in the West of Scotland context.

You would have to ask her what green denotes for her and why she hates it so much.

It speaks to the that courses through too much of our society and that the media still pointedly refuses to call this out for what it is, and actually appropriates its as some kind of badge of honour, is disturbing and despicable and the mark of a devil-may-care mind-set.

She should be embarrassed tonight.

I know around her will be.

But the who wrote this dirge without condemning her 17th century mentality and attempted to normalise such and dangerous thinking should be as well.

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