Has Any Organisation Ever Been So Self-Obsessed And Whiny As Sevco?

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Another day, another official rant and moan and bitch and wail from the club across the city. When I posted last night that their fans were fuming at the perceived injustice of getting less tickets for their games than we did, I knew the club wouldn’t be long in following it up with their own puerile rant about it all, and of course I was correct.

There is something wrong at that club, something that makes them permanently angry and bitter, and I suspect it’s actually a grinding inferiority complex which keeps them forever on the front foot, like one of those little guys you sometimes meet in Glasgow pubs who overcompensate for their lack of stature by being hyper aggressive.

Whatever it is, they find a reason to complain about it, and not just complain but a need to indulge in this kind of tantrum throwing. They believe that always there is injustice and unfairness. When you think about it, this is perfectly in keeping with what we know about children; when they are used to getting their way they react badly, angrily, any time they don’t.

It’s the way that they are indulged in this which makes it ridiculous. They have demanded to know the logic in how the Scottish Government and have made their ticketing decision, and both organisations have provided a very simple breakdown on the way it was done. You’d hope this would be enough for them, but apparently not.

Yet the media writes this up as if they have a legitimate grievance. They don’t. This is as artificial as the nonsense which they conjured up way at the start of this crisis because Dundee changed their on wanting the season to end.

For a club that has behaved so consistently recklessly all the way through this crisis – including wanting special exemptions for their fans “title party” – you’d think the media would have stopped listening to them by now. Their sense of entitlement is ridiculous, and wearying on the ears.

But of course, that sense of entitlement has recently extended to treating the press like gushing fan-boys and asking for money to attend their media events. And of course, some outlets have probably already written the cheques for that.

I suppose when you’ve paid for this stuff you might as well print it.

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