Ange Is Already Looking To The Next Window Though Celtic Aren’t Done In This One.

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Ange Postecoglou went in front of the media today and confirmed that he is already planning for the next transfer window, although we’re still doing business in this one.

He wants to bring more players here from the J League, which is obviously excellent news as he knows these players well and clearly has a good idea for them.

Kyogo was his first pick; that’s obvious.

But Ange knew him from coming up against him and from watching the league as a whole. He never managed him. There are players who Ange has had under his command who he will be keen to reunite with.

The reason we’ve not gone for some of these guys already is the virus situation over there, which has put Japan on the Red List. Indeed, we’re lucky we got Kyogo before their status changed or we might have missed out on him entirely.

“I’ve been looking at it very closely,” Ange said of the J-League today. “There’s a lot of players I’d love to take a look at closely and bring over but I know it’ll almost be impossible to get them out right now. Clubs are still playing for the league, cup and Champions League so they’re very reluctant to let them go. Traditionally it’s always been easier to get them out during our winter break which is the end of their season.”

He went on to sing the praises of the players he’s aware of. “It’s a market I know well and there’s a lot of talent there people still haven’t realised. That’s not to say they’ll all be at Kyogo’s level. I was super confident about him. He has dominated that league for the last three or four years. I was surprised he hadn’t left earlier to be honest.”

Watching him, so are we.

It is encouraging that the manager continues to plan ahead.

This is a far cry from previous times at this club where we’ve seemed completely focussed on the short-term. If the board continues to back this man then we’re going to have good times ahead.

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